Our classrooms are geared to a child size world with work areas both inside and out. It is prepared to give the child freedom to explore within limits. Materials are arranged on low shelves. The child is free to work on small mats on the floor or at low tables. Our classrooms are divided into main areas: Practical Life Exercises, which are the beginning activities for three and four year-old children; Sensorial Materials, which can be used by all ages; Creation/Bible Materials, which includes geography, natural history and Bible activities, which can be used by all ages; and the Reading and Math area, which awaits each child’s readiness. Interspersed with all activities are art, music and movement education. Our classrooms and environs allow for a flow of learning activities moving in and out of the classrooms. THE ROLE OF THE TEACHER There is no front or back in our classrooms. No teacher’s desk is in the center of the classroom. The teacher is there to guide, to encourage and to help the children make wise choices. She is there to be an example of God’s love and respect for each child. She is there to see that no child is physically or emotionally hurt by another. She is there to give hugs and to dry an occasional tear. She is there to demonstrate new material and observe those who need help or need more challenging activities. She is there to pray for each child and family. We believe that the spiritual preparation of the teacher is the foundation for everything that goes on in the classroom. That is why each year we have two weeks, before school starts, to again review and worship together as teams. We sharpen our skills and our understanding of the child. We prepare our school environment so that it will be beautiful and developmentally appropriate for our children. We want to show our love to the children by how we prepare both our classrooms and ourselves. NON-COMPETITIVE ATMOSPHERE Because the children work individually with much of the materials, there is no competition in our classrooms. Each child relates only to his own previous work, and his progress is not compared to the achievements of others. We want them to grow in confidence and compassion for others. To cheer for those who have accomplished great things and to encourage those who are doing their best and may need a little extra help. The use of individual materials permits an accommodation of various levels and various paces within a classroom. Some children will move quickly in one area while moving more slowly in another. Our classrooms allow for individual differences.

The Children's House

The Children’s House is an independent, co-educational Christian School with a Montessori approach, serving students from Preschool to Sixth Grade located in upper Pearl City.

1840 Komo Mai Drive, Pearl City, HI 96782

Phone: 808.455.4131 • FAX: 808.455.2748


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