Our curriculum includes an integrated approach to Language Arts instruction, including the practice of phonics, reading comprehension, and expressing oneself through writing.  Our goal is to help children develop a love and joy for reading and writing.


Children begin language instruction by developing children’s auditory awareness, discerning words that sound alike and different.  Once children can distinguish different letter sounds, they are introduced to letter symbols.  Along with phonetic practice, teachers do “Read Alouds,” reading both fiction and non-fiction books to help children develop comprehension skills.  Teachers also use Read Alouds to guide the children in writing and creating books.


Integrating reading and writing is beneficial in that skills are not learned in isolation.  Again, Montessori materials are used to help children develop phonics skills.  They use these skills to both read words and spell them.  They are able to use comprehension skills to understand what they read as well as write more interesting and detailed books.  Growing in independence, children learn to see themselves as “readers” and “authors.”


The Children's House

The Children’s House is an independent, co-educational Christian School with a Montessori approach, serving students from Preschool to Sixth Grade located in upper Pearl City.

1840 Komo Mai Drive, Pearl City, HI 96782

Phone: 808.455.4131 • FAX: 808.455.2748

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