Montessori materials are designed to help children understand abstract ideas through concrete experiences.  There are materials for all strands of math education-Number Sense, Operations, Algebraic Thinking, Base Ten, Measurement, and Geometry.   Beginning in preschool, children learn to quantify and compare quantities with hands-on manipulatives, and learn to “see” numbers with various materials.  When they have an understanding of the digits 1-9, they can apply this understanding to place value of 1000’s, 100’s, 10’s, and 1’s.  Again, the children are given concrete materials that represent quantities as they grow in the Base Ten system.  Along with numbers and quantities, children work with money and clock materials.  These experiences give children an enthusiasm and interest in learning math, helping them become familiar and comfortable with math concepts.

The Children's House

The Children’s House is an independent, co-educational Christian School with a Montessori approach, serving students from Preschool to Sixth Grade located in upper Pearl City.

1840 Komo Mai Drive, Pearl City, HI 96782

Phone: 808.455.4131 • FAX: 808.455.2748

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