In our customized Montessori curriculum, we maintain that children learn best when they learn first with their hands.  At all levels, materials are provided for children to gain a concrete understanding of abstract concepts.  Through careful observation, teachers are able to guide children developmentally, allowing them to learn at their own pace, or “time clock.”  The Montessori materials gradually progress in concepts, each hooking back to previously learned skills.


Independent Choice and the Non-competitive Atmosphere


Throughout the school children are given time to work independently.  Beginning in preschool, teachers work with children on learning to make wise choices and to persevere with their work.  The use of individual materials permits the teacher to accommodate children at various levels and various paces.  Some children will move more quickly in one area of work, while moving more slowly in another.  Our program allows for and respects individual differences.  Each child relates to his or her own work, and is not concerned with the progress of their peers.  Children are not compared to one another, but rather work together in non-competitive activities.


The Prepared Environment and the Role of the Teacher


The prepared environment is a key component of our program.  The classes are child-centered, with no front or back.  Our environment is prepared to give children the freedom to explore within safe limits.   Children flow freely between inside and outside work areas.  The classrooms are geared towards a child-sized world, where materials are arranged on low shelves, and learning tools are easily accessible.


Classes are set up in an orderly manner, with areas for Practical Life, the beginning materials for 3- and 4- year olds; Sensorial Materials, which help children understand and organize their world through sensorial experiences; Creation/Bible, which includes biology, geography, and social studies; Math; and Literacy.  The prepared environment includes materials to meet the needs of children with differing learning styles and differing needs.  In this way the role of the teacher is also key to the environment.  Through careful observation and conferring, the teacher knows her children well, and is ready to provide appropriate work and activities that will keep the child interested and enthusiastic about learning.  The teacher is there to guide, encourage, and help the child make wise choices. She is a reflection of God’s love and respect for each child, ensuring that no child is physically or emotionally hurt by another.  Teachers are loving and gentle, giving hugs and wiping away tears. They demonstrate care and compassion through classroom prayers and the care of their classroom environments.

The Children's House

The Children’s House is an independent, co-educational Christian School with a Montessori approach, serving students from Preschool to Sixth Grade located in upper Pearl City.

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