Children learn about the world around them through their five senses. A baby will examine a new object by holding it in his hand, feeling its texture and weight. He will shake it, lick it, or perhaps bite it.  Dr. Montessori felt that the young child should have materials that would sharpen their senses and enable them to understand the impressions he received.


The Sensorial Materials help the child become aware of details. At first children are exposed to materials with strong contrasts such as tall/short, rough/smooth, loud/soft.  Then the child is exposed to more materials where the contrasts are more subtle.  They work on organizing 10 objects from tallest to shortest, or lightest to darkest.  Each of the Sensorial Materials define one quality such as length, height, width, color, weight, shape, texture, sound, or smell.


The Montessori Sensorial Materials help the child to distinguish, categorize, and relate the information to objects they already know.   As children work with these materials they develop a stronger vocabulary.  They recognize that doors are rectangles, trees are tall, their shirts are red.


The Sensorial Materials are also foundational to the future academic materials.  Many of the materials help build mathematical understanding by learning to order and compare measurements and quantities.


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The Children’s House is an independent, co-educational Christian School with a Montessori approach, serving students from Preschool to Sixth Grade located in upper Pearl City.

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